I use this tool to find/manage some script by avoiding all the color node, by put them in black. Few python buttons from a panel will permit to select some specific nodes as few categorizes.
 Download the toolkit :
- readMyScript.py
- menu.py
- install.txt
Version up by cleaning up the python code, to make it more efficient.
List of functions:
 * All Blacks
 * Clear
 * Convert to Selection
 * Search by Class
 * Search by Name
 * List a channel
 * More than RGBA
 * Masked with a channel
 * Filter on “all”
 * Compare Bbox with Input, multiplication with slider.
 * Mix knob not on default
 * Hidden Input
 * No Output
 * Animated Nodes
 * Named Tag (for Bag and Tag purpose)
 * B branch / Main Input
 * Disabled Nodes
Few update in progress:
 * Backup Dictionnary to store the original value in a .json file.
 * Combine multiple functions
 * Personal selections:
ColorChip / Name
From Nukepedia: