The tool provide a UI to help the Env artist for exporting their layers from Photoshop to the Comp team. This will add naming convention In/Out the DMP department –  Speed the process of the export – Secure the original DMP look by working on a copy file.

Here a quick explanation of the UI:

  • 01 – Title:  The script work on a unsaved duplicate version of the PSD file. This will secure the version created by the artist. As it could take 15-30min to save a file, this will make sure they can deliver some quickly.
  • 02 – Layer Stack: This is a representation of the layers available with respecting a naming convention.
    • Ref Layer: The artist can use the prefix “R_” in the photoshop stack to keep a layer visible but not showing it the UI. e.g. for Scan
    • Overall ColorCorrection: The artist use the prefix “C_” to keep an adjustment layer visible on every exported layer.
    • Space character: Replaced automatically by ‘_’ for every exported layer.
  • 03 – Options: 
    • SetShot: Set up a shot to add a prefix to every Layers. e.g.ufa_0270_077_Street_Lamp_v001_01.exr.
    • Browse: by default located where the psd file is located. Will rescan the folder to detect available version of the layers in the stack.
    • Version Up / Override: As files detected on the export folder, option by default on versionUp.