Stand alone UI developed with PyQt: (See pictures at the end of the post)

I’ve been using Google spreadSheet for a while but was always annoyed by the formatting and the way to apply colors, to insert sequences and shots.

By using python, I kept it as straight forward as I can with few customisations.

  • How to use it:

The core tool is developed with few naming conventions:

* sequence =  Tab

* shot = Row

* name = Column

* summary = Info that is written in a cell

* comment = Info that is written in the NotePad per cell

* status =  Color applied to a cell

  • The UI: 

* Tab panel storing multiple table, one per sequence.

* Note pad, storing any notes, each cell owns its personal note. Auto saved by taping any character.

* Color label is a memo to refresh the available status.

* Sort filter option as a comboBox, ‘summary’ and ‘status’ to filter the current view.

  • MenuBar:


* Import and Export Data.

Help you secure your data. Easy way to save but no alert if you are erasing a previous version. The latest import will always be the one displayed the next time you open the tabTab. You can see its name in the main title bar.

*Save Data, mostly called automatically.



* sequence, add or remove a tab.

* shot, add or remove a row for the selected sequence.

* column, add or remove a name/header. Independent for each tab, this is created by using a default header editable in the by yourself. The default setup is: [‘Shot’,’Infos’,’Grade’,’MM’,’Roto’,’DMP’,’CG’,’FX’,’Comp’,’Final’,’forReel’]


Package management. Consider a package for a cell as

*  name

*  summary

*  comment

*  status

You have the choice of Copy/Paste/Clear. There is an option to clean the NotePad tool.

  • StatusBar:

Info printed regarding the tools used or some tooltips. Keep tracking this as no duplicate shot or tab could be created.

  • Various Info:

I keep tracking my shots with the point of view of a comper, but understand some of us will be leading/sup or even 3D (damn). The default header or column is setup with:


Updating this categories in the will let you have various preferences everytime you will create a sequence. Keep in mind that, theses columns could be different for any sequence and could be customisable later anyway. The recommended number is 11, as it’s fitting the size of the table. This should be obviously a future update.

To create one: View/add Column.

Please use this formatting process as “number name” to be recognized. This will push the current number and the following ones to the right.

To remove one, just specify the number.

Changing the first column ‘0 – shot’ and having duplicate of a shot/sequence is not allowed.

The Color status is not editable so far, but won’t be necessary as it should be a standard.

  • Status Color:

Here how I used the Color Tag:

Approved: Internally Approved for a task.

Final: Client Approved.

Submit: Submitted shot and wait for feedback.

Todo: On my List to do.

Urgent: On my List, with priority.

WIP: Currently working on it.

Wait: Waiting this task from other department

OMIT: Client Omit.

Declined: Back from Dailies and work to do. I haven’t touch it yet.

None: Color by default.

Neutral: Not my shot anymore, can be used for Reference Shot.


First Start of tabTab


Example of DataBase